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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | July 27, 2016

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The Gun Trial: A Legal Thriller (Sophia Christopoulos Series Book 2) by Dale E. Manolakas

July 23, 2016 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: £0.99

Guns fire and lives shatter. Media wars and violence drive a legally pivotal, riveting trial against gun sellers. A Yale student’s death triggers the treacherous and deadly legal fight for justice. Read More

Hollownton Homicide (Anthony Hollownton Series Book 1) by Gretchen S. B.

July 21, 2016 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: £2.28

Homicide detective Anthony Hollownton thought he had seen it all until he and his partner, Rick Nelson, are called to a murder scene unlike any Tony has come across. There are no witnesses and none of the neighbors heard a thing. Read More

Kids Books : The MONSTER book of > FUNNY JOKES & Kids BRAIN Games – Jokes For Kids – Best Jokes 2016 (Jokes For Children, Kids Jokes, Kids Joke Books) by Hudson Moore

July 19, 2016 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: £2.08


This book is 100% Family Friendly and Perfect for your kids to read in the back seat. Read More

The Johnson Project by Maggie Spence

July 12, 2016 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: £2.07

In 2017 every woman on the planet is barren. No more babies. No more human race unless someone can cure the virus and jump start the population. Read More

The Dolan Girls by S. R. Mallery

July 11, 2016 |

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: £2.31

The Dolan Girls by S. R. Mallery has it all. Set in Nebraska during the 1800s, whorehouse madams, ladies of the night, a schoolmarm, a Pinkerton detective, Read More