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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | October 17, 2017

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Billionaire Romance: The Vine (New Adult Billionaire Contemporary Romance) (Billionaire obsession Short Stories) by Cynthia Poleta

yalit romance ebook Billionaire Romance: The Vine (New Adult Billionaire Contemporary Romance) by Cynthia Poleta

Realtime Pricing: Amzn: £0.99

Tall, gorgeous, athletically built and exceptionally wealthy, every whim and desire is satisfied, and any woman he wants is at his beck, and call. Stephan Bellerose seemingly has the perfect life. Men want to be like him, and ladies want to be with him. But everything is not what it seems. Stephan is terribly conflicted about the direction of his life. How can he have everything, yet still feel like he doesn’t have what he really wants?He wants to be independent, and his own self-made man – no longer leaning on the bank roll of his Father, and Grand-Father. As a result, Stephan leaves everything behind in Dallas Texas, and ventures to Dijon, France. He is determined to create his own empire from the ground up. Once in Dijon, Stephan is immediately drawn to a particular vineyard, and to the young beautiful, alluring woman who manages it. However, it is not an easy feat to attain to the success he seeks, both in business, and in love.

Everything is intricately linked to the guarded Alayna Basque. The strong-willed young woman is not pliable to Stephan’s charms, not even in the least. She is protective of her Father’s industry, her place in it, and her heart. Alayna is the polar opposite of the sort of women Stephan surrounded himself with. Yet her existence haunts him, and her callous attitude serves as an erotic aphrodisiac for him. Completely under Alayna’a spell, Stephan pulls all the stops to tame her heart and quench her lips. Will he be successful?

WARNING:This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

Genre: Young Adult, Romance

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