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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | November 21, 2017

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The InnerGlow Effect by Craig Robertson

medical fiction ebook The InnerGlow Effect by Craig Robertson

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There’s a new drug on the market, but it’s not everything it seems to be.

For ER doctor Paul Hunter, strange things are afoot. Patients near death are having visions of the afterlife, convinced their souls have been escorted away during trauma. The sole connection between the survivors is an antidepressant called InnerGlow.

Newly-ordained priest Pablo Morales has committed himself to a life dedicated to the church, but even holy men have doubts. When parishioners begin confessing their experiences of life after death, Pablo takes it upon himself to investigate their claims.

GlobalMed sets the pair in its sights, attempting to uncover how much they know about the InnerGlow Effect and how to keep it quiet while reaping the profits of a society hungry for a new quick-fix pill.

Two men stand against a massive corporation to find an answer to life’s big question: Is there life after death?

Genre: Medical Fiction

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