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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | November 23, 2017

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Free! “Monkeys Wearing Pants” by Jon Waldrep

a humourous fiction ebook Monkeys Wearing Pants by Jon Waldrep

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Ebook Deal of the Day:

Free! “Monkeys Wearing Pants” by Jon Waldrep

Genre: Humour

Funny rants, riffs and meaningless musings by a guy you don’t know. How funny are the observations in this book? Good question. They range from just amusing enough to induce a Mona Lisa smile (she was smiling, right?) to funny enough to force you to chuckle out loud (if you are alone in your bathroom with your tablet or eReader). Some have said there is stuff in this eBook that is so funny that we should recommend that you wear adult diapers while reading it. We think that’s a stretch. But if this little eBook somehow manages, even once, to get you to spit up the beverage of your choice in a fit of side splitting laughter we will cheerfully take that. Read on in the free world!


  1. Jon Waldrep

    Thanks! Today (22nd) is the last day that it’s free so get it now if you can. After that it goes up to a whopping .99 cents (US). Jon

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