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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | November 23, 2017

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Free Three Diaries & Romances for Kindle this Wednesday!

Free Three Diaries & Romances for Kindle this Wednesday!

Book 1

Free!”Back in the Saddle (Jessica Brodie Diaries Book 1)” by K.F. Breene

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

On the tail end of another heartache, Jessica decides she’s had enough. Enough parties, enough mistakes, and enough of this rut she’s thrown herself into. When college finally grinds to a halt after four hazy years, she makes a decision. She’ll take a job in Texas, move out of L.A. for the first time in her life, and wipe the slate clean.

If only growing up was that easy.

Not one night in Texas and she meets the most ruggedly handsome cowboy she’s ever seen. William Davies has it all: wealth, prestige, profitable business ventures and women throwing themselves at him. But while Jessica theoretically knows he’s way out of her league, old habits die hard.

As Jessica struggles to flesh out this new life, William struggles to keep her at arm’s length. But Fate, and an adventurous spirit, has Jessica continuously bumping into him, making a mark as only she can.

Book 2

Free! “Delilah’s Diary #1: A Sexy Journey” by Jasinda Wilder

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Erotica Romance

I’ve always been a good girl. I grew up in a small town, dated my high school sweetheart all the way through college, and married him. I even waited until our wedding night for my first time. Yeah, that kind of good girl. Finding my husband in bed with the church secretary came as quite a shock, needless to say. Finding out he’d slept with just about every female in town was an even bigger shock.

Discovering those dirty little secrets is what sent me on a journey that I will never forget.

Book 3

Free! “Red Bottom Diaries: Part 1” by Solae Dehvine

Genre: Contemporary Romance

A fetish for beautiful shoes is the only attribute that is intriguing about Lisa. Lisa’s life is boring and under sexed until she takes a turn for the better when she meets Max. Through Max she is given a choice to join a prestigious group and change her life. Her world is transformed into a sexy uninhibited journey before her eyes as she is asked to join a group of ladies with interesting tastes.

In upgrading her life, Lisa doesn’t anticipate the losses that may occur. But when reaching for something better, there are always causalities.

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