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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | November 23, 2017

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Free! “The Secret Life of Fathers” by James I. Bond

The Secret Life of Fathers by James I. Bond

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Ebook Deal of the Day: Free! “The Secret Life of Fathers” by James I. Bond

Genre: Family Relationships, Parenting

[For FATHERS] Raising a daughter is different from anything you will ever experience. Here for the first time is a personal look at what it’s really like from a father’s perspective. This may be one of the best books on being a father to a daughter because it’s from real fathers.


What have you always wanted to ask your father, but couldn’t?

Do you truly understand… when a man says something, there’s often more going on beneath his words?

Whether she realizes it or not, a woman learned much about what men are “really” like, and how she fits into a world mostly run by men, by watching and listening to the first man in her life, her father.

But what if she missed something?

What if there are secrets buried deep that most men will not share… secrets that could change a woman’s entire understanding of what men (and her own dad) are “really” like?

For the first time, behaviorist James I. Bond provides “…an emotional glimpse into the complex relationship between fathers and their daughters.”

Through powerful excerpts from personal interviews with 101 fathers of daughters, you get to eavesdrop on men chatting with other men, when no woman is in the room, about the most wonderful and complicated relationship in their entire life.

Go where few women have ventured. Here’s a subject rarely discussed—the private fears and feelings of fathers with daughters. Sometimes wildly funny, sometimes profoundly sad, this book could be the best training manual ever for understanding what men are really feeling, beneath their often carefully-guarded image.

For the first time, this collection from 101 personal interviews allows you to peer into a father’s world of hidden feelings, words unsaid, and a complexity and joy that’s too often misunderstood.

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