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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | September 20, 2017

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Free! “The Children (A Love Story)” by Felipe Adan Lerma

The Children (A Love Story) by Felipe Adan Lerma

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Ebook Deal of the Day: Free! “The Children (A Love Story)” by Felipe Adan Lerma

Genre: Family fiction, Teens, Young Adult

How can two grandparents create an adventure visit for all their children and grandchildren over about a two week period who are traveling from America to Europe to visit in participate in an inaugural children’s festival? And keep them busy and safe in the interim until the festival?

And most of all, how do they absorb the joys and challenges of that mass visit, knowing, that when it’s time, they will once again, have to let the children go.

Rosetta and Arturo, married over thirty years together, return in the third book of “A Love Story” series.

It has been my intent, from the beginning of the series, to exemplify at least two things that apply to each book.

One is, some of what I had touched on in my small prose poetry book, “12 Stages of Loving.” That love, and thus any love story, is more than one typical age group. And what love at a certain age, might be like.

The other is, that there is a romance in each book.

So far, in the first two books, the romance has been primarily between the two seniors, Arturo and Rosetta. In my third book, “The Children,” romance blooms across other ages, yet definitely continues for our two oldest main characters as well!

With flashbacks and backstories about the love relationships dating decades back in the first two books, and with other upcoming titles in this series, the romantic-age-depiction will broaden.

But this book is literally, for and about the children in our lives. Especially if one has both children and grandchildren. This has been one of the most fun books I’ve had the pleasure to create. Thank you so much for considering it.

The previous two books in this series are “The Old American Artist” and “Rosetta.”

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