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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | September 20, 2017

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Free! “Omtopia” by Jaylen Grace

Omtopia by Jaylen Grace

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Ebook Deal of the Day: Free! “Omtopia” by Jaylen Grace

Genre: Personal Growth

Omtopia began, in her own gradual discovery of sacred esoteric codes which took her as far as China, Japan and India to study in depth. She fused this knowledge with her UK training in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. The result is a book which integrates the best of East and West practise, without ever losing sight of the messy, frustrating contemporary reality of daily life.

Omtopia takes the knotted up, frustrated or plain confused person seeking greater balance on a journey of seven chakras we each have to pass through on our way to enlightenment. Each of the chakra journeys bring their own demands and lessons so expect to be challenged and ready to find out how effective you are in dealing with the everyday common place stuff of life. In addition find out why certain people get ‘stuck’ in a chakra and how to avoid their fate. Exploration of how well we direct our energy, together with practical solutions based on sound psychotherapeutic techniques and other holistic healing arts helps Jaylen’s reader find their own workable solutions to their difficulties.

Freedom from the binding emotions, the negative thoughts that trip us up daily and the bad physical habits we teach our bodies in the process are all addressed practically, based on commonalities in ancient philosophies, which still hold true today

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