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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | November 25, 2017

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Free! “Is There Room in The Kingdom?” by Jeremy Brown

Is There Room in The Kingdom? by Jeremy Brown

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ibook Deal of the Day: Free! “Is There Room in The Kingdom?” by Jeremy Brown

Genre: Christian, Spirituality

Jeremy Brown is the author of Formula Forty Days and Forty Nights, along with the Testimony of Satan, two other books dealing with the spirit and the soul. He has returned to such spiritual pursuits for the book Is There Room in the Kingdom.

In the thought provoking pages that make up this book, the story of King Solomon and his relationship to Jesus Christ is explained. King Solomon was the last of the Jewish kings to rule over a unified kingdom until the future arrival of Jesus Christ and the birth of Christianity, when all of mankind was united.

Along with the history and the unification of humanity, the book looks into the true place of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is inside of us spiritually. By learning of the relationship between Solomon and Jesus, and of the place of heaven, we can understand the best way for us to return back to the path that will lead all souls towards the Kingdom of God.

Is There Room in the Kingdom goes to great lengths in order to establish the knowledge that is required in order to align the primary physical, spiritual, psychological, and physical needs that we deal with on a day to day base. A prayer is introduced that will allow you to find the Creator in a more personal point of view than the general religious view that many have. The prayer is taken from many major points in the bible that have been overlooked in recent years because of tradition or liturgical practice.

The contents of this book ask a question that must be answered by anyone who wishes to journey down the individual paths that were originally designed to unite us all as a people. It is simply a must read for absolutely anyone who desires to have a stronger relations with the Creator.

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