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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | October 22, 2017

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FREE (4/5 & 4/6) “Alice Parker’s Metamorphosis” by Nicola Palmer

Free 4/5 & 4/6 children’s book “Alice Parker’s Metamorphosis (Book 1 of the new adventure series for children)” by Nicola Palmer



Thirteen-year-old Alice Parker knows something isn’t right; mysterious aches and pains, a craving for sugar that’s out of control. Suddenly she is top of the class in every subject.  Baffled by what is happening to her and feeling at odds with the world, Alice can’t take much more. Only when she collapses and experiences a life-changing transformation does she discover why she is different.

But this new, incredible identity brings its own challenges and Alice isn’t convinced she can rise to them. She just wants to be normal!

The fact is she’s anything but…


‘My daughter read ‘Alice Parker’s Metamorphosis’ and loved it, this is the type of book she adores. She is looking forward to reading the 2nd book…’
Ngaire – amazon review

‘Sheer magic, and not a wand in sight. This book is, quite simply brilliant…It made me want to believe as well! More adventures soon? We hope so.’
Henderson R166 – amazon review

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