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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | November 25, 2017

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9/2 Ebook Deal of Day: £1.95 “Going Shogun” by Ernie Lindsey



Ebook Deal of Day: £1.95  (72% off) “Going Shogun” by Ernie Lindsey

Genre: Dystopian/Thriller

Lovable loser Chris waits tables by day and dreams of making something better of himself by night. Dreams of starting a café that he can call his own. Dreams of climbing the social ladder, maybe finding a girl. Falling in love. But under the almighty, oppressive rule of The Board and their divisive caste system, it’s nearly impossible. That is until his super-geek pal and fellow waiter, Forklift, hits upon a foolproof scheme: steal their employer’s ultra-popular, top secret recipes and sell them on the internet.

The mysterious death of a local hacker shatters their surefire plan, sending them on a fast-paced adventure through the city’s seedy underground, where they hope to salvage what’s left and avoid going to prison for the one crime they didn’t commit.

When they’re joined by Bingo, the one that got away, doubt grows in Chris’s mind about what he truly wants out of life.

Will it be the bond of human connection, or the luxury of the upper classes with a friend that may be hiding an earth-shattering secret?


GOING SHOGUN is a humorous novel full of colorful characters and more secrets and lies than a bowl of gumbo has ingredients.  It blends the best of dystopian fiction with suspense and mystery that has kept readers guessing until the final pages.

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