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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | October 23, 2017

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£0.77 “Diary of Olfo the Kid” by Kad Rayan

a children's fiction with kindle Diary of Olfo the Kid by Kad Rayan

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Ebook Deal of the Day:

£0.77 “Diary of Olfo the Kid” by Kad Rayan

Genre: Children’s Book

Why kids love Olfo the kid? Because he’s funny and never acts like everyone.

23 hilarious situations. 23 illustrations.

The teacher says something funny
“If there’s anyone here who feels stupid, please stand,” announced the teacher.
Olfo stood up.
“You think you’re stupid, Olfo?” asked the teacher.
“No ma’am, but I felt bad to see you standing there all alone,” said Olfo.

Olfo asks his mom about her hair
“Why do you have a white hair?” asked Olfo.
“Because every time you screw something up, it causes my hair to turn white,” answered his mom.
Olfo looked at his mom curiously.
“So what did you do to Grandma to cause all of hers to whiten?” said Olfo.

A special day at school
“Today’s the day we’re going to take the class picture. Do you know what that is?” asked the teacher.
“It’s a keepsake!” said Laura, excited that she knew the answer.
“Yes, Laura, that’s right. So when you’re all grown up, you can say, ‘Here’s Laura, she’s an astronaut, and here’s Kevin, he’s a veterinarian,” said the teacher.
Olfo raised his hand suddenly. He couldn’t wait to answer, too!
“And here’s the teacher … she’s dead,” said Olfo.

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