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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | November 23, 2017

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2/22 £1.99 “Cheer Up, Woman ! Be Proud !” by Lakshmi N. Koteeswaran ‘Koti’

Ebook Deal of the Day: £1.99  “Cheer Up, Woman ! Be Proud !” by Lakshmi N. Koteeswaran ‘Koti’

Preface to the second edition

First, I would like to thank all those who purchased this eBook. Few of those who have left their comments deserve an extended appreciation for their time invested in my book. I am extremely grateful.

Second, the syntactic and semantic deficiencies have been addressed in the second edition. When you write a book on social subject that pulsates through the emotions, there is a temptation to include everything and this may have resulted in overlooking this fact, regretfully. Notwithstanding the cohesive structure, or the lack thereof, a reader would generally get the essence of the character. The protagonist’s motivation moves the character of the small school girl who originally was almost on the verge of dropping out of school. The sequences that follow are, in a way, to display the maturity of the young girl’s character, who, by the time the reader completes the book, assumes the confidence of a woman – ready to face the world.

It is possible that I would have packed too much within the topic and possibly narrating at a faster pace. As the velocity increases, it is but natural to assess and re-confirm the direction we are heading towards. And this has come through the feedback provided. Thank You. I hope I have now justified the pace and the direction that this book is headed towards. Where possible, I have added contextual pointers to explain the scenario as the Protagonist speaks.

Third, when you chose a topic of motivation, it is more than normal that the reader is left alone to think deeply about the situation and how that mirrors in their personal life. The young girl feels the same way and is spell bound at her inner strength. I would say that this silent introspection is also the objective of this book. Somewhere in the corner of the heart, the girl now realizes that just because a young girl does not have a boyfriend, it does not mean, she is not beautiful!

There are many young girls who strongly feel this way. Not surprisingly, this is also relevant for an adult woman, where her inner child’s voice, is suppressed for untold reasons. This book is an attempt to change their mindset that no matter what – they are unique, beautiful and powerful!

Thank you and please continue to provide your feedback. Your positive comments would encourage one more young girl to glance through this book, at the least!

Just as the Sun can comfortably keep the Planets intact and still dry the wet clothes in the clotheslines at our backyards, we could perform amazing feats when we understand the full potential of this feminine energy!

When we motivate and promote the Daughters, Sisters, Wife, Mother and every other form of female gender with due respect and recognition, we create a new world of happiness!

That is how it was! This book is a humble but hopeful attempt to bring that glory back!

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