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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | September 22, 2017

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£1.53 “Gabriella” by Alan Hardy

a humour, satire romance ebook Gabriella by Alan Hardy

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Ebook Deal of the Day:

£1.53 “Gabriella” by Alan Hardy

Genre: Humour, Satire Romance

You’ll love this bawdy, comic account of love and sex during a cricket match, where red balls, long-handled bats and probing deliveries are ideal metaphors for the game of love. This is a game of cricket played in a way you’ve never seen before.

Watch the love contest between Gabriella, the aristocratic hot totty, and Jim, the virginal working-class rebel. Read of Jim’s balls smashing against Gabriella’s body and rearing up between her legs as she pads up and tries to fight off his probing deliveries.

Thrill to Jim’s vicious balls divesting Gabriella of her sexy clothing until she stands defiant in her naked and beautiful glory. Read spellbound as Gabriella comes close to losing Jim to a rival. Find out the truth about Gabriella’s parentage. Follow Jim and Gabriella with ball and bat as they play out cricket’s equivalent of sexual intercourse.

Will Jim and Gabriella live happily ever after, or will someone destroy Gabriella’s plans?

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