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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | October 19, 2017

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9/3 Ebook Deal of Day: £1.98 “A Raucous Time” by Julia Hughes

action adventure

action adventure


Ebook Deal of Day: £1.98 “A Raucous Time (The Celtic Cousins’ Adventures)” by Julia Hughes

Genre: Action Adventure

Think you’ve got problems? Rhyllann Jones’s geeky cousin Wren is convinced an ancient diary can lead them to the mythical treasure of Bad King John, last seen 900 years ago. Trouble is, “The Brotherhood” will stop at nothing to get to it first. Even more dangerous in Rhyllann’s eyes is Detective Inspector Crombie. This father of four daughters knows Rhyllann is lying, and is certain Wren is a master manipulator. Crombie is determined to keep the boys safe at any costs. This leads “The Brotherhood” to take desperate action to learn the secrets Wren keeps, plunging Crombie and Rhyllann into a race against time across the wild Cornish moors.

“But the treasure is guarded. He who wishes to enter the secret chamber must first ensure he knows of the Celtic rites and mysteries. No other hand is permitted to touch Caliburn, sacred sword of the Celtic Nations.”

The Celtic Cousin Adventures continue with A Ripple in Time, a time travelling fantasy, and An Explosive Time in which Crombie makes a comeback, along with a surprising guest star.


  1. Sean

    Loved this one. The next two in the series are even better though.

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