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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | November 23, 2017

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8/2 Ebook Deal of Day: 77p “Night Prey” by Carol Davis Luce

thriller ebooks

thriller ebooks

Ebook Deal of Day: 77p “NIGHT PREY” by Carol Davis Luce Follow us on Facebook for daily free ebooks

Roberta Paxton had a pleasant, challenging job, a man who loved her, and a host of good friends, but anxiety gnawed at her, at the back of her mind, at the edge of her vision, something was threatening her. . . something or someone. She tried to talk about it, but nobody wanted to listen, not even her thirteen-year-old sister, Tobie. Roberta had had these premonitions before, Tobie reminded her. She was just being paranoid.

But there was someone watching. Deep in the Tahoe forest, emerging only to stalk his prey, to watch and listen, to plot his final move, a vicious killer waited. Each glimpse of Roberta fired his need, but still he waited.

Until he saw Tobie. . .

On 11/21/11, an edited version of  NIGHT PREY was upload on Amazon. This version is cleaner and, hopefully, “oops” free.
*To past customers, you may activate the content update button in MYK.

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