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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | November 23, 2017

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8/16 Ebook Deal of Day: 77p “Season of the Serpent” by David Nova

fantasy ebooks

fantasy ebooks

Ebook Deal of Day: 77p “Season of the Serpent: Book One” by David Nova

Genre: Fantasy
Available at Amazon

A hybrid of Harry Potter and The X-Files … a metaphysical Wizard of Oz … the Garden of Eden retold in a smart and satirical, contemporary fantasy.

In 1982, Paul Venturi is just an average, socially awkward college freshman hiding his extra-terrestrial genesis in the closet, hoping to start a brand new life on campus. Unfortunately, his reemerging telepathy and the shadow of covert government surveillance make fitting in a daunting task. But when an enigmatic Serpent in the guise of a college stoner pressures him to smoke the forbidden weed, Paul is thrust into a mind-bending world of government coverups, esoteric knowledge, and dark conspiracies.

Catapulted over the rainbow, Paul lands in the Astral realm of Yin’Dru where competing factions of immortals are locked in a bitter, cosmic stalemate waging a secret Cold War over the destiny of the human race. A reluctant Paul is cast in the starring role of Adam – a higher sentient human groomed to become their celebrity-messiah. However a sinister faction sees him as the perfect pawn to steer the United States and Soviet Union toward a nuclear Apocalypse. (Book One of Two)

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