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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | September 25, 2017

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9/1 Ebook Deal of Day: 77p “The Queen of Diamonds” by Juliet Moore

historical romance

historical romance


Ebook Deal of Day: 77p “The Queen of Diamonds – A Victorian Historical Romance Novel” by Juliet Moore

Genre: Historical Romance

From the author of THE HIDDEN HEIRESS, a Kindle Top 100 Bestseller

A priceless diamond leads to love and adventure in late nineteenth century England…

Only once has anyone cared for abandoned Catherine Claremont’s welfare. Handsome Harrison Foster saved her from a pack of cruel neighborhood girls, and walked out of Catherine’s young life with her heart.

Imagine Catherine’s surprise when her estranged parents send her an invaluable diamond eight years later, a gift that might be a ticket to a better life. She marries Marcus Watson, a third son with no inheritance and the same goal, and uses the diamond to buy a stake in the South African diamond fields.

Once there, nothing goes as planned. Greed consumes Marcus. Harrison Foster re-appears unexpectedly–and then Marcus mysteriously disappears. As a married woman, Catherine does her best to avoid the man she’s always loved. But in the end she must choose between finding Marcus–and keeping her respectability–or running to Harrison and forbidden love.

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