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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | September 22, 2017

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6/20 £1.91″THE VANISHING OF RUTH” by Janet MacLeod Trotter

Today’s feature: £1.91 (thriller/suspense) “THE VANISHING OF RUTH: an enthralling story of dark secrets and lost love” by Janet MacLeod Trotter

1976: friends, Marcus and Ruth, go missing in Afghanistan during an overland bus trip to Kathmandu. A generation later, Ruth’s niece Amber, haunted by the disintegration of her family, determines to get at the truth of their disappearance. Was it murder, as her father suspected, or a suicide pact as the police believed?
Tracking down the trip’s bus driver, Cassidy, Amber starts to piece together a lost world – the mystical vibrant hippy trail to India – and colourful characters like Juliet, who imagined herself the reincarnation of an Edwardian traveller. As the mystery surrounding her aunt and the charismatic Marcus unfolds, Amber begins a journey of discovery of her own, that will lead her not only into the dark secrets of the past and lost love, but face to face with a tragedy much closer to home.
Bonus content:
Interview with the author about her own overland adventure as an 18 year old that inspired the story
Discussion notes for reading groups

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