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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | November 20, 2017

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6/16 (iBooks) £1.99 “The Mind Man” by Peter Richmond

free ebooks

free ebooks

£1.99 “The Mind Man” by Peter Richmond

available at iBooks


Do your thoughts stay your thoughts or do they affect other people? What if they do and what if those people end up dead? Could your mind be used as a lethal weapon? What if it can…? Sergeant Teddy Farrell is a reluctant cop in the Sacramento Police Department. He mistakenly risks everything, including his long-term marriage to his college sweetheart, to uncover a fiendish world of unprecedented greed and thwarted love. What he inadvertently discovers is a town full of secrets and an obsession with a fluffy rabbit. This startling and revealing thriller will leave you grateful that it is a work of fiction and forever imploring it remains so. A spine-tingling, emotional rollercoaster with a sumptuous dusting of romantic intrigue. An absorbing glimpse into the extraordinary capabilities of the mind.

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