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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | October 22, 2017

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6/14 99p (iBooks) “Passenger 13” by Scott Mariani

thriller ebooks

thriller ebooks

99p (thriller) “Passenger 13” by Scott Mariani

available at iBooks


Passenger 13 The fast-moving novella by bestselling author Scott Mariani. June 2003. The world is still on fire in the aftermath of 9/11. Fresh from the bloody conflict of the Second Gulf War, SAS soldier Ben Hope returns to Britain for some R&R leave, only to find himself embroiled in an intrigue deadlier than anything he’s encountered on the battlefields of Iraq. When a passenger aircraft piloted by Ben’s former army comrade Nick Chapman crashed off the Cayman Islands killing everyone on board, the official line was that Chapman committed suicide. But things don’t add up, and Ben’s old friend is barely in his grave before unfolding events point to something far bigger and more sinister going on. What did Chapman witness that powerful forces would do anything to suppress? Who was the mysterious thirteenth passenger on board the doomed flight? Following the trail of clues, Ben quickly discovers that some kinds of knowledge will get you killed – fast. Knowledge that threatens to unmask a global conspiracy of shocking proportions… and its masterminds have just made Ben Hope their principal target.

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