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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | October 22, 2017

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6/12 Free (iBooks) “Naughty Cinderella” by Adrianna White

erotica ebooks

erotica ebooks

“Naughty Cinderella” by Adrianna White

available free (limited time) at iBooks


The story of Cinderella is far more adult than you were lead to believe. A lady of the night, she spends her days working the streets and her nights living in poverty. Her stepsisters controls her every decision and she is forced to live under her stepmothers iron fist. Her entire life is thrown into an uproar when the majestic Prince Jacob visits, inviting all to his masquerade ball. Cinderella’s only problem is that she has no way of getting to that party; that all changes when she discovers a power hidden deep within her, and takes matters into her own hands. Naughty Cinderella is an adult fairy tale, containing some graphic sexual scenes and coarse language. Adrianna’s Fairy Tales: Naughty Cinderella Beauty and the Beast with Two Backs Riding Red Hood This novella is approximately 11,050 words. Adults Only.

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