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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | October 22, 2017

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5/1 £2.54 “Hunting for Sparrows” by Beatrice Gerard

Today’s feature: £2.54 (action thriller) “Hunting for Sparrows”  by Beatrice Gerard

In this fast-paced thriller, Thelma’s self-discovery is as important as discovering who did it, or the nature of the crime. The novel poses controversial questions about gender roles and discrimination, female sexuality, the role of women in corporate America, and intra-family power relationships.

In the middle of the night, Thelma Hardy gets a ten second call from her father: her mother’s dead. She must fly to Palm Beach. The company jet is waiting.

Thelma has little time for sorrow. The stock of Wise Woman Inc. is plummeting, and the eyes of the financial world are watching and waiting.  Her father has appointed a male CEO, Steve, breaking with the firm’s tradition of female leadership and enraging the members of the board.
To make matters worse, Thelma’s best friend Lauren manages to miss the funeral, and her longtime friend Cindy makes an untimely confession.
Lauren, an MIT computer wizard, has in fact been there all along. Hours after her mother’s death, the company’s firewall is mysteriously hacked. The source is untraceable and the timing dangerous. The firm’s main rival is suspect, and Lauren has come to help identify the attacker.
As Thelma becomes more involved in the business, she finds hints that her father and Steve may be part of a scheme to rob her of her inheritance, and that her mother may not have died of natural causes.
With her wits -which many think she is losing- as her only guide, Thelma ventures into a maze of dark family lies and financial intrigue.  As she searches for a way out, she will revisit her mother’s struggle for empowerment, transform her idle socialite toys into weapons, and take ownership of her life.

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