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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | November 23, 2017

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4/28 77p “Cinderella in Overalls” by Carol Grace

Today’s feature: 77p (romantic comedy) “Cinderella in Overalls” by Carol Grace

Catherine Logan is devastated by the loss of her family’s farm in California. She takes a job in South America to help other farmers and to satisfy her heart’s longing for the land. But Catherine finds a willing spirit and a degree in agriculture aren’t enough. She needs a truck to get the produce to town which means asking for a loan from the one man she doesn’t want to see – banker Josh Bentley. Josh might seem all business, but he too has a dream. He’s come to South America to find a secret treasure hidden from the world for ages. Meeting a woman like Catherine was not in his plans. A modern-day Cinderella she was disguised as a local woman living in a remote village. He soon knew she was the promise of love and the home he’d never had. If only he could convince her to trust him…


“At midnight I turn into a farmer again,” she warned him.

“Like Cinderella,” he said.

His face was very close to hers and she realized if she lifted her face to his and he kissed her, no one would know or care. She closed her eyes and felt her spine tingle in anticipation.

“Don’t run away,” he said. “You might lose a glass slipper.”

She knew she’d better run. And fast. She had a lot more to lose than that.

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