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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | November 20, 2017

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2/11 £3.16 “9/11 to Global Jihad: The Grand Plan” by Don Gould

Ebook Deal of the Day: £3.16 “9/11 to Global Jihad: The Grand Plan” by Don Gould

9/11 to Global Jihad: The Grand Plan by Don Gould

A 21st Century Techno-Political Thriller of Global Islamic Terrorism and Espionage

A masterfully complex story of Islamic Terrorism and Espionage beginning with an unnerving, catastrophic global assault called 9/12. As CIA Deputy Director Richard Armstrong leads a global hunt for the 9/12 perpetrators, the US President attempts to limit the search to terrorist organizations and individuals while excluding nation states that helped plan, finance and support the terrorist attacks. Richard, a former Special Forces and CIA Field Operative leads his multi-national Operation Archangel team in a global search to identify, locate and capture key 9/12 planners, financiers and executors. As the search intensifies, Richard supported by his US Senator wife, her congressional colleagues and allied heads of state, goes head to head with the President on the objective of identifying and retaliating against nation states that participated in 9/12. As the 9/12 perpetrator chase unfolds, a new Islamic initiative called the Grand Plan, a grandiose plan to establish a Global Islamic Caliphate moves forward. Amir ad-Laden and his Iranian Grand Plan team place a mole at the highest level of the US intelligence hierarchy. The mole determines that three Islamic countries are at risk from a devastating attack by the US and global allies. Amir scrambles to make a deal to forestall the 9/12 retaliatory attacks. As Amir concludes a peaceful arrangement for his Islamic alliance to rejoin the community of nations, his team continues to implement the Grand Plan as the story rushes to an explosively chilling conclusion.

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