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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | March 24, 2018

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2/15: £2.00 “Shadow of a Dead Star” by Michael Shean

Today’s feature: £2.00 for science fiction thriller “Shadow of a Dead Star” by Michael Shean.


As an agent of the Industrial Security Bureau, it is Thomas Walken’s duty to keep the city of Seattle free of black-market technology.

But when a trio of living sex-dolls he has recently intercepted are stolen from custody, Walken finds himself seeking a great deal more than just contraband; he will be forced to use his skills and preternatural instincts to try and keep his career, his freedom, and his life.

As questions mount and the list of living suspects begin to shrink with alarming speed, Walken must hurry to find the truth – but finding it will challenge his understanding not only of the world in which he lives, but of a world which may exist beyond it for which he cannot be prepared.

A dark and brooding tale, Shadow of a Dead Star follows one man’s plunge through depravity, vice, and ultimately existential conflict in a technologically-obsessed world of the near future.

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