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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | September 22, 2017

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8/15 Ebook Deal of Day: 77p “Parallel Spirits” by TS Welti

8/15 Ebook Deal of Day: 77p “Parallel Spirits” by TS Welti

Ebook Deal of Day: 77p “Parallel Spirits (A Paranormal Romance)” by TS Welti

Genre: Paranormal Romance

One body. Two spirits. One love.

Sixteen-year-old Belinda Stiles has dreamed of making the world a better place ever since her father was killed while rescuing a stranger from a burning truck. While the hours she spends volunteering at the library and the woman’s shelter are fulfilling, she still feels her life is missing a greater purpose. When she becomes possessed by a spirit who lost her body in a terrible tragedy, Belinda decides to help this spirit earn her body back–by allowing the spirit to help handsome Conor fall in love with Belinda. If Mara, a 372-year-old carrier spirit, helps Belinda fall in love, she’ll win her body back and Belinda will have truly made her mark on the world.

When Mara, an immortal carrier spirit who has wandered from body to body for hundreds of years, possesses sixteen-year-old Belinda, Mara discovers a way to earn her body back. But helping Belinda fall in love proves more complicated than Mara had imagined when they both fall for Conor. Belinda and Mara are both enchanted by Conor’s awkward humor and dazzling smile. It seems Mara’s feelings for Conor are the only obstacle standing between her getting a body and an eternity spent as a wandering spirit—until Mara suspects that a spirit with whom she shares a dark history is possessing Conor and another spirit is trying to lure Belinda away.

Parallel Spirits is a YA paranormal romance novel approximately 60,000 words or 240 pages in length.

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