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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | October 19, 2017

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11/23: £1.95 “Book 1: Where on Earth Am I? (Fassa Tails)” by S. Moo

Ebook Deal of the Day: £1.95 ” Book 1: Where on Earth Am I? (Fassa Tails)” by S. Moo

Book 1: Where on Earth Am I? (Fassa Tails)Please Note: The Kindle and Hard Copy versions of this book slightly differ. The Kindle edition contains bonus materials available on Planet Fassa’s FREE family website. The hard copy edition contains bonus materials within the book, PLUS Fassa’s 52 Weeks of Fun – 52 jokes, quotes, vocab words, and hilarious journal entries to capture a year in a child’s life!

THE KINDLE EDITION IS AVAILABLE IN COLOR on Kindle, iPad, iPhone, all Android devices, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, All PCs, ALL Tablets, and even just in your browser!!

“Where on Earth Am 1?” is the 1st of 7 stories in The Fassa Tails series, where you and your kids follow Fassa as he uses his fabulous imagination to meet his best friends and learn valuable life lessons along the way. Even better? Once you read each story, you can log on to for FREE access to fun activities, coloring pages, conversations starters, quizzes, and more that reinforce the life lesson in each story.

Story Summary
A fun story for kids that follows a determined cat – Fassa – who learns the valuable life lesson: Purrrrsistence Pays Off!

Fassa wakes up in a strange place feeling dizzy, where on Earth is he? Fassa has to use his five feline senses to figure out where he is and just how he got there.

He draws determination from his past adventures and desire to see his lost friend, the pink-nosed cat. When he realizes he is in a cage, Fassa becomes afraid and braces himself for a fight for survival.

To his pleasant surprise, Fassa has been found by nice humans and is introduced to his Person. As he cuddles into her welcoming arms, he thinks to himself: My purrrsistence has paid off!

More Stories and Lessons!
Once you read the story, remember to log on to for FREE access to hours of activities based on the story. ALSO! The book ends in a cliffhanger to encourage kids to move on to Book 2 in the series: “Ally Cat” Also available on Amazon.

For a hard copy of this story and its activities, PLUS a 52-week keepsake of kid-friendly jokes, words, quotes, journal entries, and more, search for “Where on Earth Am I? Fassa’s 52 Weeks of Fun” on

FASSA = Fun-Activities-Stories-Service-Awards

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