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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | November 23, 2017

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2/8 £1.92 “DEATHLOOP” by G. Brailey

Ebook Deal of the Day: £1.92 “DEATHLOOP” by G. Brailey

"DEATHLOOP" by G. Brailey

“Strangers keep dying right in front of me, calling out my name, asking me to help them – three deaths now, three strangers. How do they know me? What do they want me to do?”
Zack Fortune has never had to try too hard, handsome and charismatic, a successful lawyer, life has treated him well. When his good friend, Clarissa, training to be a past life regression therapist asks him to undergo hypnosis to regress to a past life, he reluctantly agrees.

But the visions Zack encounters from his past life are horrific, (a demon dying in a sea of blood and clutching him at the throat) so ignoring Clarissa’s advice, he breaks out of the hypnosis and cuts the session short.

The following day, in an empty street, a girl, unknown to Zack, standing up on a high roof, calls to him by name screaming at him to help her. Mortified, impotent, unable to breathe, Zack can only watch as the girl jumps from the roof and plunges to her death, right in front of him. The same night, in a deserted club corridor he comes across a man barely alive, but calling out Zack’s name as though an old friend. Paralysed in exactly the same way he was when he encountered the suicide, Zack remains trapped there, a hostile witness as the man dies, oozing and decaying at his feet. Finding movement again, Zack races to find a way out of the club – a labyrinth of endless corridors and locked doors until finally he makes his escape.

Attempting to rationalise the two deaths, and to move on, the bizarre events continue to haunt Zack and with them comes a sense of foreboding.

When Zack is confronted again and again by more strangers all calling out his name before they die, and appealing for his help, Zack embarks on a desperate journey of discovery, but the more he unearths, the more he starts to question his own sanity when his life is thrown into relentless trauma and anarchy, as he becomes caught up in a vortex of myth, redemption, uncertainty and the supernatural, and as dark forces conspire to drag him down and destroy him.


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