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Ebook Deal of the Day UK | June 27, 2017

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7/12 £1.54 “To Catch a Dream” by Mary Wood

Today’s feature: £1.54 “To Catch A Dream (Powerful, compelling story – The sins of one man impacts on generations of women-The Breckton Saga Trilogy)” by Mary Wood

The novels, To Catch a Dream and An Unbreakable Bond form two parts of The Breckton Trilogy, set in Yorkshire and spanning the years 1877-1950. A lasting period when the rich/poor divide impacted on lives. The third and final book is a work in progress due for release in July 2012. It has a working title of: Tomorrow Brings Sorrow. Each book stands alone as a complete story and they can be read in any order. To Catch a Dream is a prequel to An Unbreakable Bond.

To Catch a Dream: Set in 1876-1900, To Catch a Dream is a powerful story of love, passion, and betrayal.

Torn away from all she knows, Bridie O’Hara, a young, beautiful woman, born to an Irish Freedom fighter, leaves the shores of Ireland when her pappy has to flee from the Fenians. His violation of her sets the path of her life as across the pit of degradation holding her cries of pain, she witnesses his final act of remorse.

Escaping from a correction convent she puts her trust in the dashing, Seamus Finney, a gypsy lad who befriended her as a child.

His betrayal of her does not quell the passion they have for each other, but is the catalyst for her taking up a life of prostitution. Her rescue by the gentle, Will Hadler, who offers her enduring love, and the support of her friendship with Issy, a down to earth country-girl, brings her happiness.

But Bridie has a fire inside her she cannot deny.

A fateful affair with the rich and powerful Andrew Harvey coincides with the return of Seamus who has come back to claim her. Not one to be thwarted, his actions bring about devastating consequences which reverberate down the generations.

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